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Dummy Image Placeholder Generator

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Über Dummy Image Placeholder Generator

When creating a new website, the text is frequently finished before the images. In order to put content on a website while acting as temporary placeholders until the actual photos are available, you may use dummy images. In this way, you may continue the design process without having to stop. Dummy images may be found in nearly any size.

Is it free to use the dummy image generator?

Sure, it is. As many dummy photos as you require may be created and downloaded. These photographs were created to provide more authenticity to your design; but, before going live, replace them with actual photos!

Will photo placeholders slow down the loading time of my website?

No. It is the best practise to use dummy images on new websites for faster load times that can be replaced anytime with original images. This is an excellent technique to evaluate whether they actually slow down the loading of your web page because the pictures mirror what will be on your site when it goes live. You may always use our PNG and JPEG compression tool to make the images smaller if you notice that the website is loading more slowly than it should.