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About URL Rewriting Tool

URL Rewrite permits Web administrators to easily replace the URLs generated by a Web application in the response HTML with a more user-friendly and searches engine-friendly equivalent. Links can be modified in the HTML markup generated by a Web application behind a reverse proxy. URL Rewriting device lets you rewrite dynamic URLs. it's far as an alternative flexible and comprised of an effortlessly practicable interface. Our dynamic URL rewriter tool utilizes Apache's mod rewrite module so one can remodel long complicated dynamic URLs into search engine-friendly static HTML URLs. if you consider that with the aid of forming a successful website, your job is finished, you're absolutely wrong. each minor detail is important for an internet site and among that, the URL needs greater importance in evaluation with every other thing. you could have a gratuitously prolonged URL which is not consumer-friendly in any respect. To solve these issues, Dupli Checker has delivered a superlative URL rewriting tool that assists to cut out dynamic URLs. Our notable tool makes your URL consumer-friendly and brief as nicely. There can be three primary reasons for remodeling a dynamic URL right into a static one. first off, static URL ranks higher in search engine outcomes. Secondly, Static URLs are extra support in making your web page quicker than dynamic URLs. And thirdly, it contains a difficult potential interface. therefore, with the help of our excellent URL rewriting device, rewrite your dynamic URLs and achieve your advantages. aside from the above reasons, static URLs have extra publicity in consumers’ eyes. Our super rewriting tool utilizes Apache’s mod rewrite element to trade a dynamic URL into seeking engine-pleasant static URLs. All you need to do is to copy/paste your dynamic URL within the noted textual content container, and our tool with reworking them right into a static one within only a few minutes. glad changing!

Why Rewrite URLs?

Static URLs are a hundred times better than dynamic ones as they are very smooth to not forget for the last users. they are very clean to bookmark. moreover, they carry out better search engine rating targets.

URL Rewriting Tool – Do You Need It?

To be able to understand the function of our URL rewriting device and whilst do SEOs and website owners put it to use; it’s crucial to understand wherein URL kind this convenient device is needed. if you are a webmaster who has had a website hosted and developed; you in all likelihood don’t have an idea of the sort of website you have got. varieties of websites exist over the internet and are referred to as ‘dynamic’ and ‘static’ ‘websites. let’s communicate about it and try to recognize the differences between dynamic and static websites, and wherein you need our rewriting device.


Both dynamic and static websites have their personal blessings and disadvantages. in case you are obtaining the visitors you need, then there is no point in converting your website from one kind to every another. You must best recollect a transfer if it is affecting the performance of your website.